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4-8 WEEK TOUCH UP // 75

2-6 MONTH TOUCH UP // 175

6-12 MONTH TOUCH UP // 250

12-24 MONTH TOUCH UP //300

24+ MONTH // 550

Q & A

Q & A

Day of appointment: 
2 hours  |  Wear makeup/brows filled in  |  Photos taken  |  1st half is full consultation & shaping   |  Aftercare instructions given.

How is this different than microblading & how do I choose what is right for me?


To first touch base on microblading, it is a technique where a microblade is used to manually cut stroke-like incisions into the existing brow hair to create a 'natural look'. A microblade is a hand-held tool with a 'blade' made up of anywhere from 7-20 needles on a angle. It is chosen by clients who want to add natural looking hairs to their brows. This technique has its place, however I personally switched techniques because my clients needed longevity out of their brows. Microblading does often fade faster than ombre powder brows and is only ideal on very dry, young skinned candidates. The hair strokes often become less defined and need a touch up more often than powder brows. Microblading often creates scar tissue that is harder to fix or cover in the future.


Ombre powder seems very dark and like a 'makeup' look at first glance, however the healed result is very soft. During the procedure we 'speckle' the brow with hundreds of micro-dots using a small cosmetic tattoo pen and a single needle. This technique leaves plenty of skin tone in the brow, which then heals very soft to mimic 'powder' within roughly 5-10 days.


So, how do you choose? First, always ask for healed photos and look through as many portfolios as you can. Beware of a 'good deal'.  Saving money on your cosmetic brows is not always a good thing.


Good brows aren't cheap & cheap brows aren't good!



How do you determine the brow shape?


We first start by analyzing your current brows & face shape. We measure your brow bone and features to determine where we set the head of the brow, the arch, & the tail.  The shape and the arch will always vary on the shape of your face and structure of your brow bone.


Having an arch angle downwards to much can often close off the eye and create a tired, droopy look. We take the most time during this first half of the appointment, making sure the chosen shape is perfect, symmetrical and agreed upon. The pre-drawing is done with a very dark wax pencil to create a crisp shape with sharp lines to ensure everything is perfect. The tattooed outcome is never that dark & is a lot softer!


Does the procedure hurt?


With the help of our topical anesthetic you feel little to NO pain! Our clients are amazed at how much easier the procedure is than they thought. Any discomfort you may feel is less painful than tweezing your brows! 



Do you shave the existing brow hair before the procedure?


No! Never! The more natural brow hair you have, the better! We want your results to be as natural as possible, that means leaving your brow hair in place to create that 3D look!


In some cases we will trim or remove small amounts of brow hair/peach fuzz to clean up the shape and/or lift the tail end of the brows to create a shape more suited to your face!




How long does it last and will I need a touchup?


The life span of brows is different for everyone. The results will vary depending on skin type, oily skin will fade a lot faster than dry skin. The reason for this is because with oily skin there is always oil secreting through the layers of your skin to get to the surface. This pushes pigment upwards a lot faster than someone who is dryer. Dry skin holds quite well, but that isn't to say that as an oilier skinned candidate, that you should not go ahead with brows  It just means you may need more touchups than someone who is dry. Lifestyle activities also can effect the life span.


Most clients who range from a 5-10 on the pier scale often require a touchup at around 7-12 months, those who are dryer can often go longer than a year before having a touchup. Powder brow touchups are quite quick and simple, as this type of brow holds shape very well, often clients just want to go a bit darker or add more depth into the brow. Generally, the touchup is done in roughly 60 minutes or less.



What should I expect during the healing process?


The most important factors in having amazing healed results lie in the aftercare. The most important is keeping your brows dry and away from moisture for the 10 days of healing. This means no sweating (no sweaty gym sessions, hot yoga, hot tubs, steam rooms etc). You must not pick, rub or scrub as they can get a little flakey when healing. We provide a healing ointment to apply daily and further healing instructions prior to leaving your appointment.


Can I get my brows done at Brow & Co if I have had mine done by someone else?


It is best to send us a picture of your brows with no makeup on so we can determine if you are a candidate. We do charge full price for this as it is often harder to fix an existing brow tattoo, it can take more time and skill to reshape and apply corrective tones over certain parts of your existing brow tattoo as needed.

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